Saturday, 21 June 2008

Molde - Norway

Right now I'm in Molde - which is on the west coast of Norway. We hadn't planned to stay here - but when the opportunity presented itself - in the form of a spectacular hotel here - we decided to take it. We'd been camping for some days and needed a chance to recharge - mostly our batteries which had been steadily depleting. But also time out for a bit - and The Rica Sail Hotel is it. I see mountains in the distance as I type - the sauna also has a large glass window overlooking the fjord and you sit naked up in the sky watching the water and the mountains beyond. Bliss.

There are more details at the travel blog. And hopefully some photos to follow pending resolving some software issues.

Posting might be a but irregular as we've been busy exploring and in the wilderness... And with all this daylight - there has been no time left for much else.

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