Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wild Massage Wednesday

When was the last time you had a massage?

Tomorrow, 'Wednesday' will be the answer to that question, because today it's your wild wednesday challenge to book yourself in for one.
There are loads of kinds of massage, and there's going to be one that is just right for you today. 

I've booked myself in for a remedial sports massage with a therapist who knows where it hurts, and I like it! I come out feeling like I've mastered my pain control and at the same time I've felt great, with muscles metamorphosed into a new me at the end. Fresh, vibrant and totally pummeled.

What kind of massage is for you? Shiatsu, Swedish (maybe I should get into the theme of my trip and go for this one!) Champissage, Bowen therapy, or perhaps you're thinking more sensual, Tantric and the like. I don't mind which way you go; hell the more diverse the better! 

Who will you choose? A guy a girl, a lover, a friend? Your regular masseuse, or perhaps you're thinking complete decadence and want to go for the whole tandem massage experience - ie two masseurs working on you at once - which, I have on good authority, is definitely an out of this world experience!

Pick up your phone and arrange it now. It's a superchilled compulsory activity. 

I know I will. 

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Martin said...

I give a really good massage if anyone needs a hand... so to speak.