Thursday, 26 June 2008

Superchilled in Iceland

Iceland so far is all and more than I expected. Sunny, warmish (in the sun it's summery - in the shade it's wintry). And the men are beautiful (not ALL the men mind you...) but we headed to the swimming pool in the mid evening (they're open till 10.30pm) and discovered a distinctly social gathering place. 'Hot Pots' abound with people just soaking in the warmth of pools in varying temperatures (all labeled accordingly) and chatting away. This is where we discovered the really gorgeous men. Lingering looks, everyone checking everyone out, but not a lot of pings on my gaydar - but it's really difficult to tell... which makes it all the more interesting anyway. There are steam baths and saunas too. When you arrive at the pool you have to shower naked before with everyone else. It's a communal feel really, and I could happily live in this life of cute butts splashing about lazily. But apart from all the cuteness the city here (Reykjavik) has a real buzz. It feels very welcoming, has some great architecture, great light (well 24 hours of it) so the colour is awesome and I've been photographing wildly late into the night.

I really do feel superchilled here - so I'm following my blog theme, and I have a feeling the rest of the time here in Iceland will continue in this vein.

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Sh@ney said...

Always daylight...Sheeesh I would never sleep.
Glad you guys are taking it easy and having a blast!