Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Gym buddy for a day

My good friend, who we'll call The Canadian, arrives this afternoon for a visit while on a break from his work out on the mine fields. We plan to head to the beach, but the rain has other ideas, so instead we head to a place nearby that I've never been to before - he'd found a state park on a map - and so there we head - sure it is raining - but underneath it all we're all waterproof, and it turns out to be a whole lot of fun. The place is empty, as who'd be silly enough to be out in this weather? but we focus on the waterfall signposted at the car park and dodge the puddles on the way. Coming here in the rain is actually a good idea as the waterfall is in full force and even the plants growing around it are being battered in the water flow. We discover hundreds of tadpoles in pools above the falls - one false move and they're gone - but the frogs about seem to have made it through the hazards.

I take The Canadian off to my pool & gym and despite a sense of fatigue he soldiers on and both swims and gyms (though I don't see him in the pool at all as my squad training session is so intense I even forgot to follow the cute ST George / Illawarra League players who have also dived in.) Despite my exhaustion, at gym I have a gym buddy for day - and it's great. I don't feel like I'm stuck in my own world as I move about today, I have someone to chat to, to hassle and do some new abdominal exercises with. I have missed that. We order Vietnamese take away and eat it at home with The Frenchman after which everyone collapses exhausted onto the couch.

A perfect rainy day.

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wally said...

Holy Cow if ST Georges Mark Gasner swam past me I would break my swim stroke with the hope he would rescue me, that would be nice..lol
the picture taken under water is just stunning Trevor.I keep going back to look at the amazing colours it reveals and also to see if Mark Gasner was in the shot as well! no luck.. Cheers.