Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wild Hot Wednesday

It's a cool Wednesday here today, so to hot it up, I'm sending you all off to yoga, Hot Nude Yoga, or Bikram Yoga if you prefer to sweat with your clothes on. It's a fantastic opportunity for a whole new body-mind experience. They're in heated environments so you'll keep warm even if you do nothing at all. I did my first Bikram Yoga class in Melbourne which seems to be a Bikram yoga capital! It was good fun, just prepare to get wet. Locations are linked below.

Hot Nude Yoga: I guess it's exactly what it sounds like...
Sydney has a session Wednesday evenings
New York has a Wednesday Lunch class at 12.30
London has courses you need to register for and seems a little more sexual...

Bikram Yoga - is in a heated room too and you can do a class today at these locations:
Sydney(Darlinghurst) has classes throughout the day
Sydney (Lane Cove) has classes throughout the day
Adelaide has classes in the morning and evening
(Richmond & Prahran) multiple classes throughout the day
(Elsternwick) this is where I did my first class - again classes throughout the day
London has classes in various locations throughout the day
New York
(Upper West Side, Midtown, Upper East Side, Flatiron) classes all day
(Chelsea, Soho) classes all day

There are more locations - just google your local area for a class near you!


Martin said...

we unfortunately don't have naked yoga - but I'll take you up on the Bikram Yoga.

Dominic said...

Bikram Yoga is definitely the best type of yoga class I've been to. Your muscles get stretched to their max with the heat, while it has a wonderful detox effect.

Trevor said...

Good work Martin - let me know how it goes.

Which city are you in Dominic - any places you can recommend?

I don't have any hot yoga places locally - but I'm going for a run and swim in the rain now instead...

Trevor said...

Though right now I'd prefer a hot yoga class!!

Sam said...

I've been 'hot yoga-ing' for a couple of years Trevor, and I miss it here of course! I love how it stretches me, physically AND mentally, as you concentrate on your breathing, balance and calm your screaming tendons and muscles as they protest at the same time. Great idea on a cold, wet day - when you walk out after the class, just breath in that fresh, cool air. I'll raincheck this Wild Wednesday until December if that's ok?