Saturday, 3 November 2007

whatever you're into...

I found this surfing youtube - I still don't get many of the implied meanings... although some are obvious from the outset and some became apparent after a few replays. Feel free to educate me guys & girls...

We're off for the weekend - Adelaide is the place to be this time of year - Rainy and 19 degrees Saturday it seems... hmmm

Oh and I had the first public exhibition of some of my photos today - blown up to quite a size - just a one night event, but at least people were kind to me. (It was part of a larger exhibition). Maybe I can give up my day job - but not quite yet...


Gabriel said...

would love to see some of the pics from your exhibition. perhaps we could have a poll on whether you could give up your day job?

GeoffnTerry said...

Ok here is my best shot at the interpretation:
1. Golden Shower (being pissed on)
2. Pitcher (topping) and catcher (bottoming)
3. Plushie Fetish (people into into inanimate paramours)
4. 'Dirty Trombone' rimming a partner from behind whilst reaching around and jerking him off at the same time.
5. Combination Little Person fetish, foot/shoe fetish, french maid fetish
6. Beastiality/underwear fetish
7. Geisha ...hmmm tricky one - subtlety of the eroticism of the geisha mingled with the in-your-face visuals of handling of sausage meat (as an analogy for cock)...any other thoughts from someone on this one???
8. Pearl necklace (ejaculate patterning resultant from tit fucking)
9. Cock-ring and a reference to a 'dirty sanchez' (smearing your shit in a mostache like pattern under the nose of a sexual partner)
10. Lesbians (referenced by the golf clubs) playing with a hairless/shaved pussy
11. S&M and 'babyism'
12. Transvestitism and reference to 'teabagging' (scrotum and nuts in partners mouth face) and possibly tearooming (english reference to sex in a public toilet etc).

Sorry trev you did ask for it after all! Keep it safe.

Congrats on your exhibition entries...lets see some of your works!


GeoffnTerry said...

Ooooops left one out in #12...the person with the latex fetish of course!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

wow Geoff : you did it all ... well done

tho I had cottoned on to many of them !!

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

... and tea-bagging [one of my favourties hee hee hee ]

and may be you may want to read into the Little person vacuuming : red shoes relating to Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ and hoovering being a suck / oral sex metaphor.

GeoffnTerry said...

Hi Tom....Hmmm ...never considered the Wizard of Oz Connection...must have another look. What are your thoughts on the Geisha???

(And teabagging yes mmmmmmmmm!)


Trevor said...

My my my - you do have quite the sexual vocabulary there don't you Mister Geoff!! Well done - I've certainly increased mine now - (not sure if that's good or bad!!)

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

look I know it was 2 weeks ago ... but may be the geisha relates to paid straight sex ! Not all the metaphors need to relate to gay sex !