Friday, 2 November 2007

Interview Panel: Session 2

Continuing with the movie theme, the superchilled interview panel was asked the following question:

What One film has most influenced your life? How?

It's a tough one. I might say Interview With A
. It's hard to say why though...

I'm not aware of any film having influened my life particularly, except The Rocky Horror Picture Show of course because of all the suspenders.

I don't watch films because I can't concentrate on anything for more than 22 minutes.

Loved Angels in made me think about what it meant to be a gay man!


Blade Runner. It gave me a greater appreciation of the value of human life, in all its permutations and combinations. And all in a sci-fi thriller with man-made people, 'replicants' and hovering billboards - who would have thought?

The Green Light at the end of the Dock:

Promised Land It was so reminiscent of my family background as an Afrikaans South African that it opened my eyes to the reality of prejudice.

Has one particular film influenced you?


Steven said...

The Naked Gun.

It's like realizing my life was being filmed, with O.J. Simpson playing a supporting role.

peter said...

Pay It Forward, from 2000.

When someone does you a big favor, don't pay it back... Pay It Forward

Denis said...

I saw a movie once with subtitles. It had something to do with Mexico and motorbikes and I think there was a scene or two with a mountain in the background. It was very warm in the cinema and I get sleepy when I read...