Friday, 9 November 2007


Wednesday I'm surprised when my friend Ursula calls me at work to ask if I'm going running today, because she wants to run and swim at lunch time. This is despite it having been raining all morning, and she hates running as much as I used to. And so I get there to find she's already started running laps around the oval, in the thankfully light rain. I deliberate over getting my relatively new white running shoes dirty, but figure I'm not a real runner unless I do, and face it, she's already doing laps and I need to catch up. So I slosh my way around the oval one lap more than I had been doing and feel great when I dive into the chilly water (it's been raining and windy for days so the pool's solar heating has not been quite so effective.) I'm also spurred on by the fact that the most gorgeous surf life saver and general all-round sportsman has started training with me at squad training. He's distractingly handsome and an incredibly good swimmer, and I need to up the ante to keep up. So there's greater purpose to my swimming, just keeping up with a god in the pool is enough in my head to make me train harder. But I don't mind the motivation. So when Thursday comes and I'm back at training - he's there, and so are an increasingly gorgeous collection of swimmers - my times are getting faster, and I'm a whole lot more focused.. and distracted, all at once.

I now have dirty shoes, and they're all mine, and my clothes are all starting to get loose on me. I didn't think this would happen - but perhaps that summer 6 pack might arrive in time...
And for those who have been following the trials and tribulations of The Frenchman; Thursday morning he headed to hospital to have his kidney stone lasered and crunched and pulled out of him (remember there is no cut - so you know how they've had to go in...). It was supposed to be day-only surgery - but he's been admitted overnight with persisting pain and another tube internally... Thankfully that gets to come out tomorrow morning - and hopefully he'll be as good as gold - or technically diamond - as he seems to be good at making precious stones... And tonight I'm the doctor on duty here at the hospital, so I'm planning on no emergencies with him involved thank you very much.


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

May he make a speedy and full recovery !

Knight said...

I would be too distracted to swim if I were you hahaha.. not sure if you've mention this before, but if the pool open to public?

Sure hope The Frenchman gets well soon =)) And OUCH.. that's a nasty passage to get the stone out from!

Knight said...

Bugger.. 'if the' --> 'is the'

Trevor said...

Tom: Thanks - he's been a little slow in the recovery stakes this morning, so I left the hospital with him still there, hopefully just a mild hiccup.

Knight: The pool and the squad training sessions are in fact open to the public. Want to join us?

Knight said...

Would love to hahaha.. though it would first require a flight to Sydney.. which is unlikely to happen being this busy now =)) I'll take it that the invitation is valid for 2 years ;-)

Have a great weekend ahead!

wally said...

Well thats good news that your man is home and on the road to recovery, and your pic's are being an added bonus to your day.The life as a doctor is a one that requires great strenth and charecter and you have all those requirements I reckon.
For many years I was attached to CCU as the wardsperson and one had to learn to detached ones emotions away from what medical emergency that may be occuring but thats not to say one does not have feelings for the death of anyone.One must get the job done at hand.
But thank goodnes for life away from it at the end of the day to be with those you love.
Your a Special man Mr Trevor.