Thursday, 15 November 2007

Sculpture by the Sea

When in Sydney my favourite beach is Tamarama. It's a small beach with a tongue of sand upon which quite a glamorous crowd congregates, but it's the beach itself that is the most spectacular. So The Frenchman and I head there Tuesday afternoon prior to meeting up with our friend Matt who is visiting from London. This time of year it features the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition which winds from here to Bondi beach along the coastal walk (a must do if you're visiting Sydney). I take my camera for a fun exploration of the very creative exhibits. It's the perfect afternoon for it - and when I tire of the sculptures (which I don't) - there's always the sculpted bodies of men who frequent the walk - and the beaches - and they are plentiful also, so it's a full on feast for the eyes. It's a pity you can't touch most of the exhibits because sculpture is such a tactile artform, but regardless of instructions, the penis on a very much larger than life man is touched upon by many a shrieking young girl...
So as we walk about staring at all these beautiful things and enjoying the summery warmth of the evening, we contemplate buying a house just near the beach, because wouldn't this be the perfect environment to have at your doorstep?
Here you'll see some photos of my favourite sculptures - you can, of course, enlarge them by clicking on them.

The glass layers in this are mesmerising - best live.

It really feels like they're going to lift off !

Lots of ways to interpret this one...

This moves with the wind - and in so many axes it's awesome to watch. You'll have to trust me on this.

Revenge of the killer car-eating ants?

The writing's in the sand...?


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peter said...

Is the tree protected because it's the last one?

Love the dolphin [whale?] too!

Monty said...

I was there on the weekend and loved always. I must say, I still think last year's exhibition was just slightly better! But it's always a great way to spend a couple of hours!