Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Interview Panel: Session 4

What have been the happiest and saddest days of your life?

Aussielicious: The two happiest days are the days my niece and nephew were born. The saddest would be stuck in London without my family the day they called to say my grandmother had died in her sleep.

Gay Banker: I remember a night, in the early 1990's. I was falling asleep cuddling boyfriend number 1, and for no particular reason, I suddenly just felt incredibly happy. That was the point in time when I realised for the first time that I'd worked by way through all the gay issues of coming out etc, and had found a lovely guy to spend the rest of my life with :-). And the saddest, was recently when I realised that after all that we've been though, we might end up splitting up :-(.

London Preppy: I don't get sad because I don't let myself do it. I don't get happy cause I can't.

Single in the City: Happiest days are probably when I have been with my loved ones and days when I'm on holidays. Saddest days are when I lost a friend who committed suicide. I have been very lucky in that I have many happy days and very few sad ones!

Superchilled: Happiest would have been when I fell in love with The Frenchman, and realised that the feeling I knew I was waiting for really existed. Life hasn’t been the same since. Saddest… when my grandmother died. She was like a mum for me, had mauve hair, used to sing opera but I'd never heard her sing, was the most giving person - giving much more than she had to give and very good at sussing out people. When she died I put on Gorecki - turned it up loud and cried for hours. I still miss her.

The Green Light at the end of the Dock: It recurs – the happiest is when my sister comes home to visit from the UK, and the saddest the day she leaves. It never gets easier.

What have been your happiest and saddest days??


Sue said...

The happiest would have to be being with my husband on the many occasions we have done fun and romantic things together, such as travel to the Caribbean. The saddest would be when my father died and I gave the eulogy at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC (on Nov. 12 1998). I will always miss and remember him.

GeoffnTerry said...

Hey Trev..I remember meeting your grandmother at your parents house...it was brief but she left an impression on me for who she was. "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs" I assume??? Very moving.



lynnette said...

interesting question dr T. i thought about it but didnt have an immediate answer. falling in love certainly is a fantastic feeling, but i dont have a happily every after story to reference it to so some of the joy of that memory is lost. i can think of many happy moments and many sad, but nothing so superlative as to be of note. just a series of moments and moods that have included all spectrem of emotions from joy to fear to disappointment. oh well i guess this is why im not on your panel haha;-)

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Happy : luckily so many they are hard to pick a winner from :)

Sad : may be the day I accepted I could not remain monogamous.