Tuesday, 6 November 2007

She loves you.. she loves you not...?

With gay men being less threatening, more in touch with their emotional side, and let's face it - just so damn attractive, it's hard for any woman to resist. No wonder every straight woman wants a gay best friend. But sometimes their expectations heighten, and the best-friendship is just so good (certainly much better than with most of their potential straight boyfriends) that the attachment becomes more than platonic. But how do you know when this is going to happen to you and your girlfriend/s? Sometimes you'll find there's more than one involved and then it gets downright scary as they compete for you - even though , technically, you're not even in their market. What's more scary is when you have a boyfriend already - and they're shoehorning into his position.

Usually by the time you're aware of it - the problem is way past any prevention strategy.

So what are the tell tale signs?
You get calls, texts and emails from them more than from your boyfriends.
They know more about where you're going and what you're doing than anybody else.
They automatically sit in the front seat if your car when you're also picking up your boyfriend.
Birthday and Christmas gifts are more extravagant than anyone elses.
They don't have any boyfriends any more because "they don't understand me like you do".

How do you avert the clear and present danger?

Hammering the point that you're gay and they're a woman will just make them cry.

Focussing on the fact that they're missing out on sex might work for a man, and some women, so it's worth a try, but don't expect them to stop the wedding plans with just that.

Finding a true potential boyfriend is probably the best thing you can do for them. It will take an army of men, and a selection process that makes getting work at Macquarie Bank look easy, but it will be worth it for both of you in the end. (And think of all the men you might find who just haven't found the right girl because they were looking for someone more like.... you) - though these are NOT the men you should talk about with your dependent girlfriend - or despair may be yours to share.

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You gotta love 'em - just not too much...


Gabriel said...

i think i've committed this sin before and it was to a straight boy. just that make me a fag-whore?

Steven said...

Are you talking from personal experience...?

I don't think all of my gfs wanted to have sex with me (just like I haven't wanted to have sex with them). Then again, I was too drunk to ask/remember the next day.

Trevor said...

gabriel: I'm not sure there's a technical term for it, fag whore just doesn't soud right... but I hope you didn't get too hurt.

steven: there is personal experience there yes, and knowledge of mny who have also been through similar issues - although technically one I'm thinking of didn't kow I was gay at the time so that's a different story. I'm not just referring to wanting to have sex though - it's a whole emotional attachment issue really.

lynnette said...

Shit, I knew I shouldn't have called you the other night!;)

Anonymous said...

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