Monday, 23 July 2007

Fag Tag at the Argyl...

I'm not sure I really like the name - Fag Tag - where a gathering of gay men hits a hitherto straight bar en masse... but I guess Gay Bash wouldn't quite work either... Nevertheless we headed to the Argyl Hotel - brand new in The Rocks, Sydney and my GOD it is spectacular, not just the true mass of gorgeous men who crowded it Sunday evening, but the hotel itself knocked my socks off! Extremely well done, with a combination of old world warmth and charm, and modern style it had me at 'come on in'. Of course it was the filled to the very lofty rafters with cute men, looking decidedly suave and sophisticated - maybe it was the lighting? - but the Frenchman and I were taken aback and risked a hefty parking fine by staying well beyond our planned departure time.
We got back to the car and there was no fine!
There was however, a little yellow smiley sticker with 'you've been coolhunted' in it's place - a fun and welcome alternative - so did they like our car? did they see us leaving it looking handsome and stylish on our way to fagtag(I wish) or was it just a clever marketing campaign? (more likely) Yes there was a website attached - but I won't link it here as, well, it seemed to stall my pc - (but if you're feeling daring is it).

There was a lot more to like this Weekend than I could possibly write here without boring you all into the next weekend - but alas - I'm ready for the week. There is much to be done!

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