Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wild Wednesday

Today's Wild Wednesday theme is all about the people who are close to you; lovers, friends, family... Surprise them with unexpected gifts, hugs, kisses, sex, flowers, admissions of love, frankness, honesty, warmth, affection, time, text messages, intimate dinners, chocolate, humour, massages... You get the idea. Then let us know what you've done, no matter how simple.

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It's time to do things that might just scare you - or perhaps today the people around you!

(photo: bruce weber)


peter said...

My Dad found a new hobby in life, and no it's not a mistress, but cooking! At last I found the oil he's been searching for a long time, Rice Bran Oil. Its great for wokking, frying or over a salad... abd healthy too.

My Mom took care of preparing food for some 45 years for him, now he's cooking for her [and us] the last 10 years, and counting.

Garçon... you can serve dinner now!

brenton said...

well i did something today and it ended up much more scary than I wanted.
There is nothing scary about those boys you posted though! The ride would be wild!