Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Random Travelling Men... 2.

I'm not sure what he's saying - it might be to his very cute little boy - but this daddy was a very welcome distraction to a very busy street in Dubrovnik. Who needs history and culture when there are cute men to divert your attention?
Again the diver in Dubrovnik. Footwear is highly recommended on rather sharp rocks - hence the sandals. But look at those shoulders!! Oh and everything else... Why limit it.
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FireHorse said...

I love the islands of the former Yugoslavia such as Hvar and the others along the Adriatic coast. I can't remember the names of the others but I remember the time - 1988.

How is the old town of Dubrovnik. Did it survive the bombings?

Seanno said...

Dubrovnik got really battered which was very sad. Thankfully, there is very little evidence of it save for the new bright orange roof tiles and new stone on many of the buildings. The town itself and it famous ramparts still hold enormous charm and beauty. Only downside is the ever increasing number of cruise ships dumping thousands of day-trippers on to the tiny, narrow streets. (Fellow traveller with Superchilled)

Trevor said...

What's sadder than it being bombed was that there was no logistic reason for it to be bombed in the war - there was no military presence no facilities no nothing of note from a war winning point of view... just destruction of an incredibly historic city... thankfully it is looking awesome again.