Monday, 9 July 2007

Keep on Moving

I'm not good at standing still. I like doing a thousand things at once and each at full speed. So when I have to stand still a while - I stall. It becomes difficult to even do one thing well.
So it's nice to get moving again, and we're now en route to the Pyrenees in the south of France and north of Spain to meet up with very good friends who have flown in from Sweden. We haven't got a specific itinerary - we'll be generously ad-libbing but the fun is in just being with them exploring new places, as we have done countless times in the past in all kinds of places around the world. I'm very much looking forward to meeting them for breakfast in Andorra tomorrow and seeing where the day takes us... and the next few days after that...

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lynnette said...

ah cool say hi to the lovely swedes for me! :)