Monday, 23 July 2007

Spontaneous Dinner Party

We'd planned to catch up with some friends on Saturday night, organised much earlier in the week, dinner at our place was the go, figured we'd put something together on the night. Turns out they cancelled, but it was a perfect winter evening for a dinner party - and I just felt like cooking, (I rarely feel like actually cooking for dinner parties, though we often have them). So it didn't end there. We'd already had another guest locked in (Ursula) because she had called and was available and I just couldn't let her go to waste on a Saturday evening . Then I coerced The Patient Man and Brenton out of whatever they were to be doing, down to my completely experimental cooking extravaganza - (I think they came because they adore Ursula) - in any case we all get on like a house on fire - which it sometimes is when The Patient Man visits.
So I cooked more courses than a French Banquet, some of which were surprisingly edible, and none to any standard recipe - I did look up a few of those after I cooked, just out of interest - and no I was nowhere near the instructions, but creativity is embedded in my genes, and we all made it though - perhaps it was Ursula's Lemon Cake that settled all those tummies, yum. We had a cameo call from the Tasmanian Mountain Woman whose vacant spot at the table whimpered in her absence, but the night was a roaring success.
Thanks boys and girls.
Perhaps I have learned a little French after all.

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