Monday, 23 July 2007

In Heaven @ BSB

Back for a week - and time for Sunday afternoon at BSB. It seems the place is getting even more popular these days as there were no chocolate tarts or even crumbs of same left in the display today - and we weren't late! The best thing about this is it makes me try other things - today it was a flourless chocolate cake - to die for (as you can see from my expression here). Brenton and the Frenchman were there - we swam beforehand, creating a bit of an appetite (no one seems to notice aussielicious swimming or drinking coffee completely naked any more, maybe it's a winter thing) - and two revelers from our Croatian escape came as well. Again too much fun - and too much chocolate - takes me back to the French Patisseries... I never would have thought that as I grew up I'd be increasingly accustomed to sitting on milk crates outside undersized eateries! What next?

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