Monday, 8 October 2007

Glass Celebration & Organisational Frustration

On Sunday night we celebrated The Frenchman's birthday with dinner in the perfect ambience of Glass restaurant at Sydney's Hilton Hotel. A recently renovated (or more accurately rebuilt) hotel, the location was stunning. We sat at a table that seemed made just for us, looking through an impossibly tall glass wall at the grandness that is the Queen Victoria Building. We had a great night there, the two of us, and would quite happily go back for more.

As I sat there eating our gourmet dinner though, I imagined the restaurant filled with our family and friends talking and laughing and sharing food, the atmosphere thick with familiarity, celebration and love. But we didn't organise it - so it didn't happen.

Sometimes I wish that more people would take the initiative to do things. Make things happen. They often talk about it - but I find it rarely materialises. If you want something done, you really do have to do it yourself. Now I'm not lazy. I actually do get in there and organise. But now and again I'd like to be the one not in the driver's seat, not be the one with the whip and carrot. I'm not just talking celebrations, but general everyday things, catching up with people, going to events, travelling even.

But even in high school I wished this - and it didn't happen - so I was always the organiser, and perhaps it's my destiny, it's my lot. Sure there are worse things, there are people starving in Africa, HIV being ignorantly spread, and a war being fought against I don't know what in Iraq, but right now I just want balance. I know I'll just get frustrated and it will pass, and I'll be back organising things as always.

To those people who have initiated and organised in the past - it really is appreciated. We need more of you, because then there can be less of me.


Steven said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Just remember, us organized people like it when others get their act together because we're also an impatient bunch.

peter said...

Does the staff at Glass look like this? I better book a ticket to Sydney soon!

peter said...

I totally forgot...

Sylvain, happy birthday and many happy years to come

Trevor said...

Stephen: you're welcome. I'm not sure I'm so impatient - though others may disagree. I guess I can be a bit overwhelming at times though.

Peter: I think the Glas staff were cute - but I was focused on The Frenchman, it was like there was no one else in the restaurant. And tonight (his actual birthday) I baked him a cake - my first one in years - which, with the help of Banana and chunks of Lindt chocolate, came up trumps.