Friday, 19 October 2007


Friday and The Frenchman will be visiting the very hospital I'm working in now to undergo a procedure on his 8mm kidney stone that I'm very glad I don't have. The idea of a rough crystal like rock 8mm trying to get through a 3mm tube does not appeal. Hopefully he'll feel like a new man tomorrow afternoon... but he's likely to need further procedures in time, poor bugger. He will, however, get to join me for breakfast at north beach prior to his surgery (though he won't be able to eat or drink... how cruel.)

I'm at work at the hospital now. It's been a reasonably straightforward night so far - but you never know what the night will bring. I just stuck a cannula into a bird. That bird being a tattoo on a very heavily tattooed arm here at the hospital. The bird didn't feel a thing and it seems its last cannula took 6 attempts by the doctor in A&E, poor guy. Hopefully The Frenchman's anaesthetist will have no problem with his veins.

It seems Christmas is just a hop step and jump away - and with it approaches a feeling of dread. I enjoy buying presents for people for birthdays and things - but Christmas is a whole different ball game. I used to love shopping - but now it's a very measured affair - the less time in store - the better. I have loads of things I'd rather do, and barely enough time already for them. So perhaps this year will see a different approach - maybe I'll avoid the whole shopping thing and be a bit more creative with gifts... But that takes planning... and more work... Perhaps I'll just skip the country... but stoopidly I've booked flights out of the country on Dec 26th....
one day too late...


Martin said...

Yes, but just think where you are going!

All the best to the Frenchman for tomorrow.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

yes I loathe Xmas shopping : it is all just so commercial and loathesome but I have 3 kids, 7 god-children and countless other relatives and friends who all 'deserve' a special something !!

peter said...

Give Sylvain my regards and wish him well on his way to "the crusher"

GeoffnTerry said...

Good luck to Sylvain.

Boycott Xmas shopping!!! feels a little weird the first year but very liberating from there on seems to be endless rounds of just buying 'stuff' for people who don't really need it anyway.

Why not be spontaneous throughout the year and buy something that you know someone might be in need of where you see the need arise....or at Xmas donate to a charity in that persons name if you want to mark the occasion.

Sure connect with or call family and friends for Xmas and tell them that you love them...make it meaningful but don't get sucked into the material bulls**t of it all.

End of rant.


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

and ooops- yes- sorry- forgot to send your special man my best wishes for a speedy recovery ! xxx

Kenny McCormack said...

lithotry-something or other? the ultrasound one yer?

I guess the Ural didn't work so good. Well, at least after, he'll feel good as new!

Sue said...

Poor Sylvain! He'll feel better soon. Wish him well from me.

Xmas is miles away yet. Gosh you worry far in advance. You must have tons of folks to buy for. In my family we only buy gifts for the kids. It really cuts down on the spending and Xmas is for kids, isn't it?