Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wildly Decadent Wednesday

It's the middle of the week, and it's time to celebrate life! It's not just another working Wednesday - it's a Wild & Decadent Wednesday.

There are no limits. Hedonism is the theme. I experienced the aftermath of a cyclist dying in a freak accident near home this week and it's a reminder life is too short to not celebrate every day. So whether it's buying that chocolate tart, or being that tart... splurging on a shopping spree, taking the afternoon off, going to see that play, exhibition or concert you've been contemplating, hitting the beach and just being or indulging in that massage that your muscles are aching for. Get to it - it's decadent wild wednesday - there's no time to spare.

Got suggestions for the rest of us? Let us know what we could do, or what you'd like to do in the comments below.


peter von amsterdam said...

After my hospital visit, seeing my diabetes counseler, I'm going to enjoy myself in a food warehouse [trade only]. I'll watch what I buy, because I'm still on a diet, but the thought of it makes my happy in advance.

Don't worry, I'm not going to buy the wrong produce, I almost lost 30 kg and the end is still not in sight!

GeoffnTerry said...

Baring my sexual soul to the blogging world in an 'Aussielicious' blog comment.


Knight said...

Let's see, a new Ipod Nano Video + chocolates (after gym) while reading HMR referral.. priceless!

Trevor said...

Peter: Well done on the 30kg and I hope you enjoy the warehouse!

Geoff: You do get to the bottom of things now don't you! Well done. Now was that a thing of decadence - or more of the challenge theme from previous wild wednesdays?

Knight: Sounds good - those nano's look great and chocolate is always a good form of decadence - but tell me - what is HMR referral?

I baked a chocolate banana cake to end a healthy yet indulgent wild wednesday dinner party (also including salmon steaks and a vegetarian risotto for those with culinary inclinations). Great company though was the key to the indulgence.

GeoffnTerry said...

Maybe a bit of both :)


Knight said...

home medicine review =)

Choc and banana, perfect combination! You should post a picture of the cake so that we can 'indulge' too ;-)