Monday, 15 October 2007

Painfully Beautiful

There's something about these flags that I always love. It's the beginning of the season now, so all the flags are new and unbleached by the sun. Spring, with it's crisp mornings and warm afternoons brings with it a certain freshness that injects me with a sense of renewal and the promise of great things to come. So into this spring we escaped for the weekend. Northbound, to catch up with friends and share some down time.
The Frenchman however, has been plagued by kidney stones this past week, so we have been much more laid back than normal, hoping for a resolution to his pain that has not come. Here he is sitting uncomfortably on the beach with the displeasure of the stones shaking about in side him...

Our shelter from the elements gave us a great outlook over them; our hosts generous and welcoming. Just like being home.
Thanks guys.
Always a delight.


Travis said...

Has he tried this?

Sue said...

Kidney stones: ouch! Hope they resolve soon.

Trevor said...

Travis: Thanks - he hasn't had this - yet - but all manner of things are being planned.

Sue: We hope they resolve soon too!! He's been sent for specialist review today to expedite the process.

Jessica said...

I hope he gets [and feels] better soon.

The last pic is really beautiful.

wally said...

havin a doctor in the house sure must help!..But I hear passing kidney stones can be really really painful!..poor bugger.