Saturday, 3 May 2008


Reading the paper at diggies, my Morning Smoothie at my side, waiting for Jamie to arrive, enjoying just being there, just absorbing the energy of the day and the truly stunning day around me. I used to feel uncomfortable sitting in cafes on my own , but these days I don't give a damn. The ocean in front of me - waves folding onto the beach warming air and clear rays from the rising sun. I could stay suspended there all day. Jamie arrives and we both decide on smoked salmon eggs benedict. And it's the perfect breakfast today, our last Friday breakfast together for some months now as he's off training the Chilean Olympic team... and he won't be back until after the Olympics. Damn it. I'm gonna miss him. I'm late to work because we're talking non-stop and there are so many things to discuss before he leaves, and also in no rush to leave the beach.

When I arrive at the hospital it seems I have nothing to stress about as the day is relatively quiet (though the office staff under much stress for operational reasons). I get to spend time with patients I've seen before who need review, and need the time to explore various aspects of their terminal illnesses. They're all strong characters today in their own ways, which makes it a lot more fun and we're all joking despite the seriousness of it all. I end the work day feeling good and full of energy.

Then I go to gym where I do... gym stuff because well, does anyone really want to know what gym workout I do? But it's a light session today because this weekend we're back in Byron bay for our annual ocean swim, and I don't need muscle fatigue in the race. I decide against take away for dinner as I've got too much energy left after my sub-maximal gym, and so I shop and cook a stir fry of fish, choy sum, snow peas, slivered almonds, oyster mushrooms and flat rice noodles. I've not cooked this with fish before - but it works and I'll do it again.

The week has been filled with so many awesome things, life is progressing in ways I would never have expected 6 months ago, and I still have so many more things that I want to do... I still need more hours in the day.

The weekend is here. Another long weekend for us as we're staying on in Byron bay for 4 days all up.


Have a great weekend. If I'm not too busy chilling out I may post updates along the way.

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