Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Transparent Wild Wednesday

"Hi John, you're looking like you had great sex last night. Have you got those reports?"
"No mum, no he's not my cleaner he's my sex buddy."
"Actually I feel like crap, but I don't want to talk about it with you"
"Yes it was good for me, but not as good as when we did it in the ___ with B_____."
"I don't normally donate to charity on the streets, but you're cute so I'm making an exception."
"You're driving me crazy with all these acronyms and jargon, speak to me in ENGLISH and show me how clever you can be without being a wanker."
Wednesday's the day to imagine you've taken a truth serum. To use the buzzword of the decade, make yourself transparent. Be honest, open and maybe even bold. While honesty can be confronting, it can also be refreshing. Life lived in the protection of our expectations is not necessarily a whole lot of fun, nor much of a challenge. So scare yourself, scare those around you; effect change or just do it for laughs, but see how transparent you can be and see what difference it makes to your day. 


Todd :-) said...

I took your advice... now I'm being sacked for telling our account manager he's an incompetent worthless overhead and a more of a hindrance than help to us and the customer :-)

Superchilled said...

Todd: lol, good work. I'm proud of you!