Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Wild Health Wednesday no. 2

Last week it was time for your physical check up. But while we do the physical things quite well, we often forget the rest, and it has come to my attention recently how many people are suffering in silence with depression, anxiety, panic... Often putting on a brave face for the outside world but absolutely freaking out inside. It can affect anyone and often does, with gay men more afflicted than most. One such patient just recently told me how he has been feeling severely depressed for literally decades, but has been trying to keep a brave face for the people around him. The bottom line is there's a lot that can be done and in Australia at least with medicare you have a lot of options that won't cost you a fortune.
So rather than freak out - take it to your doctor and talk about it.

I've re-posted an article I wrote for 1234Men below for further detailed information. I hope it's useful but please feel free to ask me more either in the comments below or via email.

Be wild and talk about what's really happening with you. It's a Wednesday thing...


Anonymous said...

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Superchilled said...

hey anon: Just took a peek at your site - and enjoyed it a lot. The photography is great! Very impressive. I like the slide show within the blog you have - works very well.
Good work.