Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wild 'Hidden People' Wednesday

'LOOK AT ME!!' people.

We all know them, they stand out in a crowd, they're loud, they interrupt conversation, they are louder and brasher and often more irritating than anyone else, but still they manage to dominate conversations and parties and just about anything where they are found. You'll often leave an event because of them or have a much different time than you might otherwise have had were they not there.

Today is the day to look past them. To find the people who are being shut out by these irritations. To engage them instead, and make up a wall to defend against the 'look at me' people. It's not always an easy thing to do, and it can take planning. The quiet people often have a lot more to say, and are a lot more interesting once the loud people are shut up, or disengaged. The 'look at me' people will say the hidden people are boring, but they think anything that doesn't have them at the centre of attention is boring. So don't listen to them. Shut them out, and rapidly they will wither away, and the interesting but quiet types will come to the fore making life a whole lot more interesting.

This Wild Wednesday seek out the voices of those who are normally suppressed. The people you never hear, and see what they have to say when given the chance. It might be as simple as asking someone their opinion on something - work, social or otherwise - whose opinion you have never heard. Or it might involve moving someone out of the way so the voice can be heard.

Who and what will you discover?

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