Saturday, 17 May 2008


Superchilled and The Frenchman are heading off to Iceland a little later in the year ( ie late June).

What do we know about Iceland?

Not a lot.
It's an island that touches on the arctic circle.
It has long long long daylight hours - ie. no night in summer at all really, which means we won't have to sleep.
The people are white in winter, and according to London Preppy - very attractively so, but what are they like in summer?
If they look anything like the photo here - I'm not coming back.
Björk comes from there.

But what else is there to know?
Sure, I have the Lonely Planet guide - but I can't get past the cover.
Where are the places not to be missed?
The places to go, things to do, swimming pools to be swum?
Do we have any Icelandic readers out there? Or are you all still in hibernation?

Iceland : the ultimate superchilled destination.


Speeding Bullett said...

Kirsty went and they spent $100 (US) on two pizzas and two drinks. So i know the food is VERY expensive.

London Preppy said...

Please go to the gym/swimming pool/leisure centre complex at the edge of Reykjavik. It is not to be missed

Superchilled said...

speeding bullett: I can see me going on a diet in Iceland...

LP: it sounds like a must - I read your post on this one too. Thanks.