Saturday, 10 May 2008

Strange Sightings

Singing in the... Toilet?

Last weekend in Byron Bay for the ocean swim, I'm at the surf club where I've picked up my race gear and go to the mens' - because I'm always a little anxious pre-race. And as I stand there waiting for a vacant cubicle, there's singing happening. I can't quite pick which cubicle it's from, but it's loud and interspersed with commentary, which I think might be part of the song to start with, but I'm not sure until it then becomes obvious that this is, in fact, a telephone call live from the toilet... The accent is distinctly Irish and he just doesn't stop, not for a second. The singing (not any tune I know, more like a child in a field singing in the sun as he or she skips to some random fairy tale in their head) just keeps on going. A cubicle frees up , and now I'm next to the guy. He doesn't seem worried by anything happenign around him, and volume is not an issue for him either. I'm not sure the other person on the line gets to say much because there isn't much in the way of gaps here in the music, and as I leave the men's the melody of this mixed song, conversation follows me outside and half way back to the race area.

Somewhere in the conversation he talks about wanting 'lots a pills'. I think he's already found them.

I wonder if he's still there, or if his mobile batteries have run out yet?

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