Monday, 3 September 2007

Bourke Street Bakery and More

Mine was an awesome weekend. Our catch ups with friends at BSB have reinforced to me that you really don't need any specific event or objective, nor a stunning location to have a great time. It is the people you spend the time with that makes it. We have spent time at various places this weekend with different friends. We've also taken time out for 'just us' time, and it has been great.

Above we have Jon & Gordon who joined us at BSB for the first time this weekend. I think they fit the ambience well. They'll have to come back. Brenton (below) was ubercool and ever-reliable coming despite multiple fractured ribs and crushing soft tissue injuries from collisions with poles and mishaps getting tied up... All this exercise is certainly getting him ready for summer!! Christiaan was notably absent, but he's in a whole other world right now anyway.

Spring is here and Summer is decidely in the air. I am so looking forward to it.

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Sue said...

Brenton looks so purdy!