Saturday, 29 September 2007

underwater musing

This is what you get when you submerse your camera (suspended on a very small float that really should be called a sink...) press record and try to swim in front of the lens...

The two almost evident people in the video are The Frenchman and myself.

I really should just call it something more like "study # 3", install it in a gallery of modern art projected onto a 30m wide screen, and hold lectures discussing it... but perhaps I'm being just a little bit cynical.

It's a long weekend here - and I want to be a little creative. Of course - it's when I am feeling most creative that I'm committed to other things, and when I have the time , I have not the inspiration.

Today was a hellish day at work - I'm not one to ever lose my cool - but I found myself telling a patient's relative off today. I'm tired of people who just don't listen - but are very ready to complain that they're not getting what they want (which, if they listened, they'd realise they were actually going to be getting exactly that) - I felt like changing my mind after their complaining. Last night I also had a nurse calling me for advice about a patient - and when I didn't answer my mobile, phoned back 3 minutes later to complain (to my voicemail again as I still didn't answer her) that I hadn't called back and that as I was on call I had to be tied to the other end of the phone waiting for her to call. Of course, I was in the shower at the time, and called her 5 minutes after her initial call. This time she didnt answer, so I called again and again for 10 minutes eventually getting her , explaining I was in the shower and not getting any kind of apology from her (she expected one from me and yes I was too kind and gave one as soon as I returned the call.)

Why are people so impatient and so unkind?


Brechi said...

That video was kinda hot ;)

Sue said...

People are basically shits. To work with folks like these, you need to understand their perspective and then find a connection to your perspective to bring them around to your point of view. Um, good luck. ;)

Geoff & Terry said...

"L'enfer, c'est les autres" ~:|
Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre

wally said...

I have to agree with brechi, kinda sexy seeing all that movement back and forth and love the sexyfeet at the end!now who they belong to!..