Monday, 17 September 2007

How Gay is Your Sport? #6 RUGBY UNION

It's been a while since my last gay sport ranking - but the World Cup is here - and even though I haven't watched a match, I figured it needed to be rated. So with a complete lack of insight I give you 'How Gay is Rugby Union?'.

Well, despite the promotions (above), and the exceptionally homoerotic Dieux du Stade calendars... the sport itself doesn't seem to be particularly gay. Unless of course you play for one of the world's gay union clubs...

Participation Rating:
It's a contact sport - so it's very up close and personal, though that might not be in such a pleasant way much of the time (I watch it and I feel like I'm at work.) The culture tends to be very 'yeah mate', 'what a hot sheila' , 'd'ya see them pair a tits?' ... But you do get to have some close up locker room / shower experiences with some potentially very hot men though, and I'm sure in a big team you'll have at least a few others who are watching more than the soap in the showers... 3 stars

Spectator Rating:

If players like those from the calendar are frequently on field - then there's a lot of reason to root for them! I tend to be more an AFL man myself - it's the tall men in it I guess that magnetise me, but from what I have seen - the rugby men who are working their way to the top grades are the most spectatable, rather than the ones who have been there a while. Overall, it's a bit of hit and miss in the spectator stakes. 2 1/2 stars


wally said...

I don't get union at all! big boofy blokes jumping on top of each other just to get the ball... It's the poor bastard on the bottom I feel sorry for.. I reckon in real life if a bloke was too touch them!... the response would be "What are ya..a poofter or something."though BERRICK BARNES IS A HOTTIE.
Now AFL is a fast athletic game with some real hot dudes showin off their sexy guns and what a shame they don't wear the shorter legged shorts anymore!.... then we have rugby league.. I only have one thing to say go the storm...and I'm a queenslander.

Anonymous said...

As a big rugby fan and occasional player, though for very different reasons it seems, your rating is a bit out mate (gratuitous, but I had to write it!), as unused as I am to rating sports as "gay" or not - more accustomed to rating it as playable or dangerous-enough.

Having said that, most rugby players, with the exception of league-converts (no comment on "converts" - that opens a whole new can of worms...) are smarter than the average bear. Indeed Dan Vickerman (Wallaby 2nd Row) is going to Cambridge next year to study! Surely that adds to the game - intelligence is important - why do you think rugby's rules are so complicated? Anyway, well done, your post is still quite hilarious - go the Wallabies!!
- Sam

Geoff & Terry said...

I am still demanding a thorough investigation of the merits of Turkish Oil Wrestling :)

Trevor said...

Wally: who is Berrick Barnes?

Sam: I guess a smart cute player is more attractive than a dumb cute player. I'll take your advice on board.

Geoff: Turkish Oil Wrestling... sounds like a promising Sport #7