Wednesday, 26 September 2007

World Class Stupid

I've stumbled across this exceptionally well written blog by RomanHans: World Class Stupid. It's worth a look for some very entertaining reading. Don't expect any photos, but the visual imagery is still breathtaking.


Steven said...

He's brilliant.

He also reads my crap which makes me like him even more. LOL.

Jessica said...

I'll check it out.
On another note, for your question regarding stress, my answer is "Me."

RomanHans said...

I can't think of a reply that doesn't make me sound like Debbie Reynolds. "I live to entertain"? "It's kind words like yours that make it all worthwhile"? I think I'll just go with "Thanks."

Trevor said...

Steven: It's nice to have regular readers, and especially nice if they're good writers too!

Jessica: I'll remember next time to add that option. Hope the referral to WCS worked for you.

Romanhans: You're most welcome.