Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Pop up Windows in my Head

I wake up to one of my morning alarms, but my brain is incorporating it into a dream that is more pleasant than getting up right now, and so the brain wins and I'm still in bed, alarms blazing, surround sound and internal widescreen activated.

I’m in the shower, finally having succumbed to the alarms (or more likely woken up because they’ve turned themselves off) and while I’m lathering up I’m visualising Me, dressed in something appropriate for the weather happening outside today, and in rapid succession I’m seeing Me running at lunch time – cut to a close up of my new asics running shoes pounding the pavement of the Sea Cliff Bridge – a glance at the Molten Brown shower gel (that I look at more than use) and I’m re-living the conversation a recent guest initiated, centred on the decadence of same, I can hear his voice, see his face... smell the shower gel, which I’m still not using.

My day has started. It’s filled with pop up windows in my head – they’re usually high quality video and the download speed is lightning fast.

I’m at work, and in the middle of writing notes on my computer screen, patient sitting besides me answering my questions, I pause, it looks like I’m contemplating my thoughts for the next question or my next written sentence, but a big pop up window has opened, it contains the plans for the evening ahead visualised in detail, maybe even images of the food, it comes to a natural end and closes, and I’m wondering if my last question was what I think it was. It usually is and it seems I'm the only one who has noted this slight absence.

I’m in the process of commencing a pap test (sigh), and bloody hell, a thousand pop up windows have all turned up at once – they’re viral windows and each contains a photographic image of a prior pap test or similar examination from the past. I’m in a horror movie and I’m starting to sweat. I right click in my head – CLOSE ALL WINDOWS - and continue working. If I’m lucky, half way through a conversational reference (you have to talk your way through these things – it makes everyone feel more comfortable) a window will pop up with a widescreen holiday scene – it might be alpine, or beach, but it’s welcomed and the rest of the procedure goes by in a flash.

From time to time a patient will arrive and automatically all other windows are closed and Abercrombie and Fitch LIVE commences in 3D, no visualization required… But then I have to watch out for an x-tube window popping up at the wrong moment… in which case I then need to summon a visualisation that I have saved on hard disc for just such an event. But it doesn’t come automatically like all the others and I'm glad people can't read my mind right at this moment.

Every day is a movie – or in my case – a couple of hundred of shorts. But there's no guide, no scheduled programming, it's all random, apart from one or two selected intermissions from time to time...

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