Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Race

Location 19... where is this? (click for large view)

It was a tight finish in leg 18 of Superchilled Race Around the World, and Jessica beat everyone to identify Bahnhofstrasse in Z├╝rich as the location for the photo. Yarravillepaul won the popular vote, intoxicated and in the gutter of that same street, he just didn't know where he was.

Which brings me to today's race location. Summer is getting closer here, and coming to an end up there in the northern hemisphere, so we can all enjoy the beauty of the summer swimming pool. But where is this one? And what is the man sitting in the foreground thinking?

First correct and most creative entries for the respective questions win.
Your Race starts NOW.

Bonus picture here->


GEORG said...

The man sitting in the foreground thinks: "Why do they put up a sign next to the pool which says SLIPPERY WHEN WET!"

Jessica said...

Man sitting in foreground: Gosh, it's uncomfortable being the only hot guy in speedos... why are there so many fat women in skinny bikinis? Why did I even bother coming here?

Martin said...

I have no idea where this is - but it's clear the man sitting has spotted someone that looks like me. He got incredibly excited for a moment, thinking that his greatest wish had been granted, and then realised, no - he was mistaken- Martin's never been here.