Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wild Wednesday

A few weeks ago the Wild Wednesday challenge was to send in a photo of the favourite part of your own body. Thanks to the people who sent in the images above. But does this mean everyone else doesn't like their own body? Has no favourite part? Is self loathing so widespread? Or is sloth more the issue?
I'm keen to find the bits that people like of themselves - we all know the bits of others we like - but you can find that anywhere.
If you're happy with your entirety - then send a photo of all of you! There are no limits. Use a camera phone, edit an existing image, jump on the photocopier at work - I don't care - just SEND ME THE IMAGE!!! anonymity guaranteed unless you want your name up in lights.

And I can do lights!


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

oh goodie Trevor - I was wondering whatever happened to this thread on your blog !

Anonymous said...

No! Trevor, you shall not be receiving from me, a self-nomination of 'photographic favourite bit' - not this little black duck anyway! I leave this to everyone else, and recommend their memory as my preferred medium of 'photographic' remembrance of my person. So there! : P
- Sam
PS. Hope you're well!