Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wild Wednesday

We tend to be focused on other people - mainly celebrities and models - when it comes to physical features we like in people - but here on Wild Wednesdays for a few weeks I've been exploring what people find physically attractive in themselves... and a few readers have been sending in photos of said body parts. Above are a few from this week. Thanks everyone for sending them in - If YOU have a favourite part of your body - find or create an image of it and send it in to and I'll post it.

This week's challenge is about things that annoy you in others. We've all had times when someone has pissed us off and we just want to tell them off, but bite our tongues. Sometimes it results in us distancing ourselves from them, and sometimes it all passes and things go on - but it can often remain a background issue that festers in our thoughts and can create all kinds of stress. Often the stress is unfounded - and the issue is due to miscommunication - but sometimes it isn't. So today is the day to clarify those issues that have bugged you but you said nothing. If someone treated you badly, tell them how you felt and why. Work through the issues, it might end up being yours rather than theirs, so prepare for anything, and see how wild your Wednesday can become.

FINE PRINT: superchilled takes no responsibility for consequences of actions resulting from said recommendations. Any love children that result will not be sponsored, any divorces will not have legal payments subsidised and medical bills for either party of a physical altercation will be repaired at the cost of the reader (or nominated 3rd party, excluding superchilled).


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

people who 'always' run late - if I can be organised to be on time then I reckon they can too !!!

lynnette said...

haha do you know whose blog your commenting on there tom cat??!!:)

Kenny McCormack said...

that's a pretty symmetrical set of gonads there... shouldn't one be lower?

Martin said...

I am amazed at some people's comfort with their bodies. I would NEVER photograph that part of myself... although I do owe you my pic.

that's also quite a challenge.

Trevor said...

tom cat: we'd better not do hot chocolate

lynnette: we can do hot chocolte

kenny: maybe a cremasteric muscle was being activated in moving certain other parts away...

martin: never say never, and happy birthday!