Monday, 10 September 2007

Spending Time

Basking in the glow of an evening of warmth.

Sydney has been made a ghost town in the presence the APEC summit. The streets are empty, steel and concrete barricades protecting us from world leaders and motorcades longer than the streets on which they travel, abounding. But despite the coolness, echoed in current weather, tonight was a night to remember.

We caught up with a friend from LA who is in town on business (bad timing with all this APEC stuff going on) and a selection of his work colleagues, local and imported for the event. Such gatherings can be draining at times, but this was not one of those times. It turned out to be an all gay event - though I wasn't certain of this at the outset. No ice breaking was required and I don't think there were any pauses in conversation all night apart from when the waiter crashed the dessert, but that was just a momentary lapse. The topics on offer ranged widely, and back stories equally complex. I could easily have chatted with each person at the table individually for the whole evening and was quite disappointed that it all had to end. The restaurant was one of Sydney's finest, but I hardly recall the food (yes it was good - but the conversation better).

It came up over dinner that Sydney isn't really known for depth. Superficial is seen as the order of the day - every day, and getting past the surface more than a challenge. Now I don't think this is completely the truth - but I can see how it can be seen to be so. It can take time to progress to a depth beyond the surface, and we're so often buzzing from one thing to the next - that after pleasantries, we're off to the next venue, the next best thing... How often do we take time to fully explore issues? Discuss politics? Really connect? Spend time...

5 hours later we are heading home. The time has flown by, and half of the group will be flying out within days.

Damn it was good.
But I'm left hungry for more.


Geoff & Terry said...

Hey Trev

Yes it is great when you find and make that connection. Somtimes it can take some looking but there are always some men of depth out there...It seems to be the same comment from the gay scene in most city's of any real magnitude...great if you are just visiting as it is light and fluffy, but to move to or live in a city and to find that is not always easy, but they are definitely there and once you can find it you tend to cherish it. Sometimes those guys appear from the most unexpected places so I am hesitant to right of any particular scene or venue.


Anonymous said...

Mate! It's great to be back in the loop, and now lately catching up with you all. I know exactly what you mean, as I experienced the same when I first moved to Sydney. I agree that many Sydney-siders are too appearance- or money-oriented, as opposed to being people. Indeed, here, with the language barriers, it can be much the same cursory conversation, but due to literal lack of understanding! You are also right though - sometimes one just has to look a little deeper; find the corners in people, and not just settle for the rounded image they often present. Be well my friend (s, sorry Sylvain!)
- Sam

Martin said...

I love those evenings, and I understand why you would be left wanting more, they are too few and far between these days.

Cape Town has pretty much the same reputation especially amongst the gay boys - and add to that the clicky nature of the locals it is really difficult to meet and make friends here. Sometimes I think it's better though - at least once you have made it through the superficialty and eventually made some friends you know they are good ones...