Sunday, 17 June 2007

BSB @ Elsewhere

Me, Brenton & Christiaan @ almost BSB*.
A Saturday escape to the big smoke saw The Frenchman (missing from the photos because of his penchant for mystery) and I catching up with family and friends including the regular BSB crew transplanted to a whole new cafe (some other bloggers were frightened of getting wet). I don't think we really care where we meet up anyway - it's just too much fun regardless of where it is. I just pity the people around who have to deal with our animated conversation, and relentless paparazzi. But it will be the last BSB event for a few weeks now as The Frenchman and I are off to the warmer northern hemisphere later this week.
It has been a week of unexpected pleasures and moving and shaking. Just how I like it. Life should not be about the status quo and moving on the path of least resistance.

Look into my eyes, not around my eyes... it's the 2 million visit man. Brenton looks like he's got his eyes set on the stars... what next can we expect from the ever-popular Aussielicious, the blog of the public nudity challenge?

I'm not really a musicals fan - but Theatre this evening with Christopher & Keith our regular theatre buddies was a delight. Laughed a whole lot I did to the one liners from "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" playing now at the Sydney Theatre. We continued to stress Keith to the max with dessert (4 Belgian Chocolate Tarts) ordered with just enough time to get to the theatre - worth every second!

The Frenchman and I do have a habit of driving the time-conscious people in our lives to the brink of despair. Many apologies - we do love you - even if we do it later than others.

* for the uninitiated - BSB is the Bourke Street Bakery - the centre of many a discussion on a weekend afternoon, with consumption of many a fine coffee / hot chocolate and various tarts.

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