Friday, 22 June 2007

A Spinoff Travel Blog

Trevor & Sylvain on Tour - it's our travel blog which will take you on tour in selected parts of the European Summer!! But don't worry - I'll be posting here as well - just blogs with slightly different perspectives.

I love the first leg of an international trip - it clears my mind - and forces me to relax. The dark cabin with all these softly flickering screens and the humn of the wind outside (or the engines if you're a bit too close). Firts leg we upgraded to Business - the rest of the trip we'll be heading to the back of the plane... Ahhhh, it was nice while it lasted. Saw the movie Blood Diamond on the way. Wow sensational - definitely worth a look.

Click the title to see the spinoff blog ( , see you there!


lynnette said...

what is the point of that beyond just being a pain and making people check a whole nother blog??? unless of course the frenchman is actually going to be posting on it in which case it may be worthwhile...!

Trevor said...

your complaint has been registered Ms Lynnette and appropriately ignored. The other blog is more geared for family and friends including work friends who may not fully appreciate superchilled's more gay focussed content.

lynnette said...

lol ok fair enough i thought maybe you were just getting a little too bloghappy for your own good;) i loved blood diamond too, glad you liked it! hope you guys are having a fantastic time and soaking in the time with the french writing you from wollongong! bummer that you arent here but im sure you are having a great time. miss you both. l