Saturday, 23 June 2007

I Love Summer!!

We arrived in a sweltering Split (southern coastal Croatia) - 40 degrees earlier in the day and 36 when we got here. It means the men are mostly half naked - and my wordy lordy me - what a delight that has been today! We went for a walk/run exploration and then a dip in the sea - along with most of Split who were on a public holiday - and the men!!! Ah - this is what holidays are all about. I have pics but no software to make them less than 2 or 3 meg yet - (downloading software to the notebook as I type) - but yes I DO have some examples to show to prove it's not just hype.

Watch this space.


brenton said...

so jealous, it's still bloody chilly down here.
Missing you already!

peter said...

Welcome to the Old World!

If I can be of any help by making the pix smaller, just mail me you have the e-address.