Tuesday, 5 June 2007

new underwater cam

I'm like a kid in a toystore with my new waterproof camera (yep - a birthday gift). I've only had like 15 minutes to play with it today at lunch - but I managed a couple of photos - a very cute local lad managed to distract me anyway - as they do... so anyway, have a look at the first pics -click them to see the better quality versions (it's the Olympus 770 for those with an interest in things photographic), waterproof, shock proof... let's see what I can do with it!!


flyguy said...

hey dude, cool pics... i like the underwater ones.

i browsed the olympus website, but they don't seem to have an Olympus 770 though, there is one however called Tough mju 770 SW. Is that it?

am keen on grabbing one underwater for myself as well, so probably double check if it was that one you got given - oh and happy birthday for that one, too!

cheers mate,


Trevor said...

Glad you like the photos. for more info on the camera here is a link that you can cut & paste into your browser - http://www.olympus.com.au/component/option,com_product/id,135/task,detail/Itemid,69/
It is indeed a mju770sw. Good luck with the photography. Note that for my out of water photography I use a Canon 400D digital SLR.