Thursday, 21 June 2007

Superchilled On Tour

Wednesday was my last day of work before a heading off to Europe with The Frenchman Thursday afternoon. Why is it that your last day is just SO BUSY!? It really makes you want to leave, and fast! But the excitement of the holiday early in the day became a frustrating anticlimax at the end of the day - I guess leaving work at 10pm isn't exactly something to make one enthused. I'm sure I'll feel better when the I'm being thrust back into my seat at a rate of knots as we head skyward and anything I haven't done can just bugger the hell off for a few weeks. And while it's getting excitingly chilly here - I'll be much happier to hit the water in the Adriatic and be superchilled and warm, all at the same time.
I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'll have while away - so watch this space for updates.

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