Tuesday, 19 June 2007

How Gay is YOUR Sport? # 5

Pole Vaulting
"I go Pole Vaulting every day, it's kinda liberating to be thrust onto a pole and into the air... "
It's not exactly everyday conversation - at least not relating to sport, and most of us only ever see it every 4 years when the Olympics come around - and then only if your own country has an athlete competing in it, or you watch the entire broadcast for 3 weeks...

So why is it covered here in superchilled sport? Because of Viktor Chistiakov of course - pictured. He represented Australia in the 2000 Olympics with his then similarly gorgeous wife, and came in 5th place, but moved back to Russia earlier this year.

Participant Rating
It's not exactly a team sport - so you're not going to meet a lot of people, although some may well be cute... you do get a lot of pole work, which might entice some.
2.5 stars

Spectator Rating
I never tire of it - it's just so mesmerising, you just wonder if the pole will break - every time. Athletes of Viktor's calibre and attire give it a maximum rating.
5 stars

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brenton said...

Viktor is stunning... and i heard he's about 6'8"