Sunday, 3 June 2007

A little Perspective

Sometimes you'll wonder about where you might go for brunch, or what is missing in your wardrobe this season. Maybe you'll stress about where to go out Saturday night, and if anyone cute will be there... And sometimes you will realise how seriously lucky you are to have such choices available to you in the first place.

Two of my friends, Terry (right) and Sam (left) have just started up blogs from Sri Lanka and Sudan where they are residing for 12 and 6 months respectively. They don't know eachother and their blogs will be entirely different, with Terry's very focussed on Human Rights and Sam's on his experiences with the UN in Sudan. Both countries have serious human rights abuses taking place as we speak. They are both very good writers (and cute to boot) and their blogs are well worth a visit for a greater insight into what's happening both there and farther internationally (they're also linked from my 'blogs to watch' list). The world is not always a beautiful place, but we can help to make it so by changing the people in it and making our voices heard. Getting the inside story is a good start. Sharing it with others, better still. Moving and shaking the world about it, ideal.

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Geoff & Terry said...

Thanks for the write-up Trevor. This is really kick starting my challenge to people out there to learn what's going on in the world. It's very much appreciated. Terry