Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Today's Illness: Tuesdayitis

Definition: Mondayitis occurring after a long weekend.
Symptoms: Similar to Mondayitis, only potentially much more severe. Irritability about being at work - wanting to be anywhere else. Not tolerating things that normally go underneath the radar. A sense of impending doom, and need to escape rapidly, at pace. Regular work becomes tedious, fraught with difficulty and uninspiring. Symptoms are inversely proportional to the enjoyment of the weekend preceding it.
Diagnosis: A clinical diagnosis. No specific diagnostic tests required, but elevated pulse &blood pressure, giving out 'looks that kill' and aggressive outbursts all support the diagnosis which is made only on Tuesday after a long weekend. (or forensically based on evidence from a Tuesday).
Treatment: Views vary widely, but a holistic approach is recommended. Remove affected people from their workplace, distraction with images (or real versions) of attractive examples of their preferred gender (as demonstrated right) can be effective. Reminders that the week is a shorter one may also assist.


brenton said...

My god did i need intensive treatment for that today...
people said i was using language unheard of in the office.
f'ing bloody freaks!

Christiaan said...

I love being freelance.

I moseyed my way back from the South South coast at a leasurely pace with Jack Johnson singing to me all the way.

Tuesdayitis? Bring it on next week!


Monty said...

Oh my...he could certainly help me with my Tuesdayitis!!! ;-)

pjotr said...

That's what you get from a Queens birthday Off Day! Cheer up mates in 3 days it's again weekend!