Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wild Wednesday

Are you scared yet? If not, then you haven't seriously contemplated Wild Wednesday. And today we have a specialised theme. Find someone who has made a particular influence in your life in the past weeks or months, and let them know what it is they have done to make that difference. It could be someone you know well, it could be someone who has no idea you exist - the director of a movie, author of a book... Find them or a way to contact them and let them know your thoughts. It's really not too scary - and may well be quite fun. If you've already planned an alternate Wild Wednesday - go for it, the sky's the limit - just be sure to let us know what you did!

(click the 'wild wednesdays' label below for more suggestions...)


brenton said...

I completely forgot it was Wild Wednesday.
I should have given my number to that guy that was checking me out in the cafe! dammit.

Trevor said...

Maybe next week he will be up with the wild wednesday theme - and will give you his!!