Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter Long Weekend : Western Australia

Western Australia is right now the place to be, and not just for the gorgeous men. It is very much still summer over there and accordingly our Easter Long Weekend was spent along the coast from Perth to the far south, exploring beaches, wineries and diving right in.

First and second stop was Cottesloe Beach which, while not the best for catching waves, is a beautiful protected beach just south east of Perth. Good Friday it was jam-packed with people, from families having picnics to friends out for some fun in the sun. The water heated to just perfect degrees and painted bright blue we ventured in again and again. Sylvain managed to find a brightly coloured jellyfish, which I proceeded to spend 10 minutes photographing, and we both spotted a similarly beautiful beach bound beauty who looked like an ad for apple ipods… let me just click the home delivery box.

A little later on, something stung me on my last swim for the day - maybe an over photographed jellyfish...

Subiaco fed us dinner, Japanese in a flash, and we headed to the Camelot Outdoor Cinema in Mosman Park to watch Juno under the stars. The warm evening was just perfect for it. I laughed out loud a lot more than once - film and cinema recommended.

Afterwards we went for a late night run around the city and along the swan river. I could have kept running it was so good, but we were due to pick up The Frenchman’s family from the airport at midnight. And so Perth welcomed them in summery style. Our Nephew had cried pretty much all the way from France, so sleep was something they all needed. (and possibly the rest of the plane)

The Ibis hotel was fine for just that but we won’t be going back there any time soon by choice.

Saturday had me taking the girls out shopping as The Frenchman took his Brother and Dad to get their campervans (not as easy as it sounds). With all the logistics sorted we headed back to Cottesloe where the crowd had thinned, yet the day was even more spectacular. We all hit the water and played in the sand, the Frenchies looking especially stark in contrast to the deeply tanned locals. The atmosphere here so good we stayed and had lunch – Italian by the sea.

Convoy in tow we headed south, to Yallingup – great name – better place. The waves are huge, all shades of blue, green and white, and filled with surfers and body boarders who provide more eye candy than is probably safe for human consumption. My sunset swim here was probably the most spectacular in a long time – I watched as these suddenly huge waves crashed over me – with the tubes of water so incredible I was laughing out loud in this crazy surf. Colours, light, movement – I needed my underwater camera – but it was too late – and given how I was dumped by the first wave I caught – probably safer without it.

The weekend continued with exploration of the Margaret River region, wine tasting, late night dinners and chocolate in so many guises.. Easter eggs, brownies, milkshakes, hot chocolate (just heavenly - from a gourmet vendor at the beach after my early morning swims) home made choc chip cookies, chocolate tasting at the chocolate factory… I think I’ve found my limit. We left the Frenchies at Cape Leeuwin as we headed back to Perth for our Red Eye back to reality.

I hope you all managed a great Easter break.


Monty said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!!!

Victor said...

I'm embarrassed to admit I have never, in my 58 years, been to Perth but I have wanted to for a long time and even more so now after reading your enticing posting.

Martin said...

Spectacular photos!

The question of course is which was easier, taking the girls shopping or getting the campervans... Both sound potentially filled with disaster to me... ;-)

Superchilled said...

monty: it was a damned good weekend... this week though has been a killer.

victor: it's a whole new world - go explore!

martin: thanks - I was rather pleased with the photographic results - and as for shopping - they were incredibly easy going - so I think I won that deal.

Anonymous said...

As a native West Aussie, it's great to see ppl from over East and overseas enjoying WA. We are a bit provincial but the weather and the beaches more than makes up for it. Come visit again soon!

Superchilled said...

Anon: Thanks for the warm welcome back! I do enjoy every time I head west. I'll be back for more I'm sure.