Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Finale of Summer and Mardi Gras

It's on everyone's lips: "What happened to summer?"
It's been a very wet summer. Rather coolish too. Right now I'm in a jumper and jeans when I'd normally be in just shorts... Officially today it's all over and this is Autumn. The reality is, the weather is usually quite warm right through until April, and the ocean warmest now. I swam this morning in the surf and despite the winter air it was definitely summer water. The surf a mere ripple compared to last week, but a pleasant contrast. Just one stingray sighting, and another great Friday breakfast at diggies sitting in the sun peaking through clouds. I'm not convinced it's going to get warm again though - I'm praying to whatever god will listen for a few more little rays of sunshine, but I'm braced for a continuing chill. I've been searching for sunsational photographic weather for more underwater shots, but they've been elusive ( should have taken the camera for the divine ocean race last week) . So I've really had no great additions to my photo archive for the past month.

I could take my camera to the Mardi Gras parade tomorrow - if we go... I have mixed feelings about going though. We've been asked to join some lesbian friends at the parade, and I'm actually more looking forward to catching up with them than anything else. We're not headed to any parties of the dance kind, despite me being probably the fittest I've ever been. I'm feeling more for a quiet night in with friends. The weather people predict a daytime top of 21C (70F) and low of 15C which is positively chilly for this time of year - and especially not good for the parade, with the potential of rain sure to cool things down even further...

But I do hope it all goes well, the weather is surprisingly warm and dry, the parade a huge hit and Kylie, Madonna, Bette and Barbara all join Olivia to entertain the masses. Maybe there'll even be a change in political climate, but I think in this case it's called preaching to the converted.

Despite the adversities I've had a great summer. Hopefully despite the weather it will be a great Mardi Gras. What ever kind of celebrating you're engaging in today, I hope it exceeds expectations (in the best possible way, of course).

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Martin said...

Interesting that we too have been having a cooler than normal summer - and the transition to autumn has definitely begun.

Enjoy the parade!