Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Olympic Trial

Sunday is the next stage of my plan for world domination in ocean swimming... The Shark Island Swim in Cronulla, in the south of Sydney. Its name is enough to scare most people off, but what a better way to get you to swim faster!? It's a 2.3km race, and The Frenchman will be joining in the action too.

I was going to have a quiet swim this morning as the triathletes had gone off running while I was still at work at 7am, in lieu of swimming... but alas when I arrived at the water's edge this am, there were some of the guys hitting the water for a swim session as well. Coach Jamie convinced me to join in and it was good! I'm feeling (over?) confident for the swim on Sunday. I've tackled 4m swells, raced after herculean lap times, cross trained, tailored a gym program and even paid attention to my diet... Maybe (if I can keep my composure) I'll make it to the end of the race with a time to make it all worthwhile... but it isn't the ultimate goal... that comes in 2 weeks time with my local ocean race the Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge... this Sunday is my Olympic trial...

Weather prediction for Sunday:

Mostly Sunny Min: 19°C Max: 25°C

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Jessica said...

Go Superchilled. Kick some ass. You can do it. I'm rootin' for ya.