Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Superchilled from birth to 12 months…

Superchilled: Born March 15th 2007 to a dad who really didn’t know what he had created. But as with many dads, he kinda liked the whole procreative process. And so superchilled was born, an unplanned but loved baby. As with many initially unplanned babies it turned out gay, but gay is just one aspect of him. Life is too big to narrow the focus too too much.

Superchilled got to know some other newborn blogs, and some who were already toddlers or older still and learned some good and bad habits through contact with these. Through a process of trial and error superchilled got up onto his feet, encouraged by support from people he never knew existed in all parts of the globe from Colombia to South Africa, The Netherlands to Canada and beyond… Of course he has tripped up and fallen on occasions, and not everyone in the playground has been nice. But for the most part his first year has been fantastic.

Biggest lessons he has learnt in the first 12 months:
Expect the unexpected. Not everything you post will be read the way it was intended.
Blogs are not the way to discuss personal issues with friends.
You have to be yourself, not try to be someone you’re not, and your blog needs to reflect that.
While it’s nice to post regularly – it’s not essential – a good post later is better than a boring post sooner.

Plans for toddlerhood?
When you get up on your feet you want to explore new territory all the time. See what there is out there, and how much of it you can experience. Superchilled is heading wherever he can… predicting his future path is futile.

To those who comment and email. Without you there would be no blog
To The Frenchman who has endured my time away from him being creative & writing these 392+ posts.
To Aussielicious who first made me aware of the power of blogs and blogging.
To those who link to superchilled. Without you no-one would be reading this now.
To everyone who reads and gets something out of it. You're why superchilled exists.


Peter said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Yoy where already cute as a baby, now show us you can be even cuter as a toddler. ;)

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

happy 1st blogday.

ummm I had not realised there was a link between 'initially unplanned babies and being gay' !!

but in my case it seems to be correct. lol

Monty said...

Happy Blogiversary! One year down, many more to go! Keep 'em coming Trevor! :-)

Martin said...

Veels geluk liewe Maitjie...

Keep the posts coming - my day would be empty without them..

Trevor said...

peter, tom, monty & martin: many thanks! I'll do my best approaching the terrible twos...

Sh@ney said...

Congrats Handsome!
I am compiling my own LGBT Bloggers List and the one thing I noticed is how many abandoned blogs are floating out there in cyber space so it is refreshing when I come across those that have made to to a year and beyond. I originally started blogging back in 2006 and Brenton (Aussielicious) was one of my first blog pals. I have since stopped, started, stopped, started many times and now gave birth to a 2nd blog. I am definately going to keep these going, because I am fond of blogging and have made mnay good friends through this avenue. And your down under too which is good to see. *winks*
Anyway you are listed at
along with many other interesting and fascinating people. So Thankyou for sticking it out and sharing your journey!
hugs Shaney