Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saturday 15-3-08

So The Frenchman and I head up to Sydney on Saturday afternoon. It's a fantastic day, a delayed summer, and I have no complaints. Heading away for Easter next weekend we make our way to Kent Street in the city which has all the outdoors stores you can think of (for the camping gear we need), and manage a park on the street right in the middle of them all (not an easy feat). Looking at the signs everywhere it seems it's sale time at ALL of these store, and the sales started yesterday! We've not done any research and had no idea, so there's more than a little bit of lucky floating around today. By the time we've looked in 3 stores we know what we want and know that at Kathmandu, everything we want is 50% off - think thermarest / sleeping bags and the like, and so we load everything into the car parked out front, while eating the party food they had at the counters for this event. The staff were working well in adversity (it was a jungle of people in there.)

Next stop the tennis where a friend is competing in a doubles final. They're down when we arrive, but as soon as we get there they win the 5 next games straight and then the match, and we're regarded as lucky charms. I think we might be asked to come again.

The day is too good to be hanging around the tennis court so we take off to the victor's favourite beach - which is Freshwater (and no the water's not fresh). Despite the waves being quite small, they're emminently catchable and we body surf until the sun goes home, spotting a stingray in the so so clear water along the way. Of course in doing all this we've canned dining out before the theatre we have tickets for and instead eat fish and chips sitting by the Opera House watching the world go by. The night is so balmy that I think we've chosen the better option, the fish was superb.

Vertical Hour is the play and I quite enjoy it - political , emotional, insightful, and despite one fake american accent is worth catching.

Home now - and a few butterflies for Sunday's race...

Need rest.

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Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

yes the up to 50% off sale at Kathmandu is great ... bought a back pack for overseas travel at half price .. whoo hoo !

and congrats on the podium finish too ! Win Win :)